The ASM NSW/ACT branch holds regular events for members, as described below. The aims are to promote the sharing of ideas and data, to provide networking opportunities (especially for students and early career researchers), to facilitate communications between different sectors (e.g. academic, industry, clinical), to strengthen the sense of community among local microbiologists, and also to have fun!



Sydney Micro: A one day scientific meeting focused on academic microbiology. Traditionally held annually at the University of Sydney.



The February Meeting: An evening event where a single high-profile speaker gives a plenary talk on their area of expertise, accompanied by a dinner and social mixer. Traditionally held every second year.



Nancy Millis Awards Night: This event occurs every year, and showcases the talents of local PhD students in Microbiology, who submit their abstracts for consideration for this award. Typically 4-6 finalists are chosen to present talks on their research in person, with the winner receiving the Nancy Millis award, which funds them to attend the ASM National Meeting. The Nancy Millis Award celebrates the life and achievements of Prof. Nancy Millis (1922-2012), who pioneered research and teaching in applied microbiology (especially fermentation) in Australia, and was awarded many honours including Companion of the Order of Australia. For more information on Nancy Millis, see here



Careers Night: This is scheduled every second year, and allows undergraduates and postgraduates studying microbiology to meet more senior microbiologists to advise on careers. There are usually 4-5 speakers who describe their career path in microbiology, and make themselves available for student questions and discussions.



Annual General Meeting: An annual event for important branch business (e.g. changes to the committee or by-laws) but also a chance for members to get together for dinner and drinks. Sometimes features a seminar by a branch member, usually somewhat lighter in tone than our usual science or clinical talks.



Goldsworthy Oration: A plenary seminar by an eminent microbiologist, often in the form of an overview of their lifetime achievements, and accompanied by dinner. The Goldsworthy Oration has a long history, going back to the 1960’s, where it was originally established by the Society for Experimental Biology of NSW to celebrate the life and achievements of Dr. Neil Goldsworthy (1897-1960), an eminent Australian microbiologist who was instrumental in establishing the Institute for Dental Research in Sydney, and campaigned strongly for water fluoridation and the importance of oral health. For more information on Neil Goldsworthy, see here.



Sydney Clinical Meeting: This event is typically held every second year, and is a one-day meeting consisting of talks focused on advances in clinical microbiology. This event complements the more academically-focused ‘Sydney Micro’ meeting, although cross-pollination between both groups certainly occurs, and should be encouraged! 



Branch Xmas Party: Celebrating another year passing, another plate streaked, another gene sequenced, another disease cured!